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Faith No More - This Is It
Label: Rhino Records
Release: 2003

Arabian Disco
We Care A Lot (Slash Version)
Anne's Song
Introduce Yourself
From Out Of Nowhere
Falling To Pieces
War Pigs
The Cowboy Song
As The Worm Turns (Live)
Midlife Crisis
A Small Victory
Be Aggressive
Digging the Grave
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Ashes To Ashes
The Perfect Crime
This Is It - Faith No More
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Faith No More was:

Chuck Mosely - Vocals (1982-1987)
Mike Patton - Vocals (1989-1998)
Jim Martin - Guitar (1982-1993)
Trey Spruance - Guitar (1995)
Jon Hudson - Guitar (1996-1998)
Bill Gould - Bass (1982-1998)
Mike Bordin - Drums (1982-1998)
Roddy Bottum - Keyboards (1982-1998)

Well, this is it. This Is It sums up Faith No More's career from 1982, all the way to 1998, when they disbanded. It's a comprehensive CD, giving at least 2 tracks from each album.

Tracks 1 to 4 rock. Chuck Mosely had the perfect voice for the type of music FNM was making. You can feel the raw energy of the musicians as they recorded it.

Track 5, "From Out Of Nowhere" is the first track on TII to have Patton on vocals. This track seems to have a certain maturity to it, yet it lacks the pure energy of previous Faith No More. Ditto for "Epic", but "Epic" is more of an acquired taste.

Tracks 7 to 9 are a gray area. Unless you're intent on hearing them, your Skip Track button is conveniently placed on your CD player.

Track 10, a live version of "As The Worm Turns" gets 4 out of 5 stars. It's very good no doubt, but the vocals are kind of muffled. IO probably would have enjoyed it more if I had heard the studio version before.

Tracks 11 to 13 are again, a gray area. You know where your Skip Track button is.

Track 14, a rendition of Lionel Richie's "Easy", is well done, yet it lacks a certain touch, and it suffers for it. The solo is great.

Track 15, "Digging The Grave" is a must-listen. Great guitar parts, great lyrics, quasi-tinny drums, etc. Hear it or die.

Tracks 16 and 17. Skip them.

Track 18, "Ashes to Ashes" is the only track on this album that is tuned to Drop D. The verse is kind of boring, but the chorus brings on wild colors and imagination and ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Track 19, "The Perfect Crime" is a track on the soundtrack for the movie, "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey". Keyboard-heavy, this song is just OK. It's not very musical, to tell you the truth. Nothing special here.

Overall, a very good album, but this album definitely could have gone without some tracks.

Strong Points - Arabian Disco, From Out Of Nowhere, Epic, As The Worm Turns (Live), Digging The Grave, Ashes to Ashes

Pains In The Ass - Falling To Pieces, The Cowboy Song, Midlife Crisis, Be Aggressive, Evidence, The Perfect Crime

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