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Rainer Maria - Long Knives Drawn
Label: Other Label Not Listed
Release: 2003

1. Mystery and Misery
2. Long Knives
3. Ears Ring
4. The Double Life
5. The Awful Truth of Loving
6. The Imperatives
7. Floors
8. CT Catholic
9. Situation: Relation

Long Knives Drawn - Rainer Maria
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I'm usually not a fan of bands with female lead singers, but Rainer Maria is an exception. Bassist/singer Caithlin de Marrais has a great vocal range and amazing bass thumping skills to go with it.

This is very evident on the band's 2003 release entitled Long Knives Drawn. The album contains nine catchy pop songs that will make your "ears ring" with pleasure.

Guitarist Kyle Fischer's flowing licks go well with De Marrais' rolling bass lines. Proof of this can be found on my favorite track on the album, entitled "Long Knives". The song starts out with a Pixies-inspired riff by Fischer set to a hard hitting bass line by De Marrais and William Kuehn's high energy drumming.

Other personal favorites on the album include "The Imperatives" and "Situation: Relation".

Many incorrectly dub Rainer Maria as an "emo" act, but this album proves that this band has much more to offer than the oh-so-sad-frat-boy bullshit of your Dashboard Confessionals and Saves the Days.

People who look catchy indie pop/rock should enjoy this album, and if you get the chance see this band in concert. You'll be glad you did.

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