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Our Lady Peace - Gravity
Label: Sony
Release: 2002

All For You
Do You Like It
Somewhere Out There
Made Of Steel
Sell My Soul
Not Enough
Bring Back The Sun
A Story About A Girl

Gravity - Our Lady Peace
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The absence of long-term guitarist Mike Turner, who left during the making of this album because of "creative differences", is horribly felt. What is felt even more is a complete disappointment. This album is a boring, top 40 wannabe excuse for the great, original band that Our Lady Peace used to be. The music sounds manufactured by Creed and sounds intentionally over produced. They traded their own sound for everyone else's, and it is very sad and disappointing. So, buy this album if you like Creed, spit on it if you like Our Lady Peace's other 4 releases. Change is always a good thing, unless you change into someone else to sell more albums.

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Gravity, Our Lady Peace's 5th release, was an abnormally rushed album, released only a year from its predecessor "Spiritual Machines". Rather from pressure by their label to produce and try to stay in the wake of airplay, or be it their own desire to release it so soon I am not sure, but I believe it shows in the weakest album by Our Lady Peace to date. Besides a lack of hart and a rushed pressing the loss of guitarist Mike Turner brought nothing good to the table.

Understandably a band such as Our Lady Peace has high standards to live up to, as one of the foremost faces of Canada's rock scene, Our Lady Peace has grown a huge following throughout the world, and Gravity, stand alone, is not a bad album. The incredible success of "Somewhere Out There" marked the album, and raised sales, but the true gems were the intense lyrics and driving beat behind Innocent, the struggle of compassion in Made of Steel and the mournful sound of Bring Back The Sun.

The pinnacle of Our Lady Peace's career this is not, but should not be passed by in a music collection.

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