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Our Lady Peace - Spiritual Machines
Label: Sony
Release: 2001

R.K. Intro
Right Behind You (Mafia)
R.K. 2029
In Repair
Middle Of Yesterday
Are You Sad?
R.K. 2029 (Pt 2)
Made To Heal
R.K. 1949
Everyone's A Junkie
R.K. On Death
All My Friends
If You Believe
The Wonderful Future

Spiritual Machines - Our Lady Peace
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Spiritual Machines is a strange piece of work, it has a dark undertow on it because of the inserts of spoken work by writer R.K. (of the book Spiritual Machines). This also gives it a "concept" album about machines taking over the world in the future, but if you listen closely, the songs really have very little to do with the context of those inserts. However, there is an exception with the songs "In Repair" and "The Wonderful Future" which are 2 of my favorite songs to this date.

Lyrically, this album has something just about anyone can relate to, and some things that just make you wonder if singer Raine Maida was going through some sort of strange depression or was just trying to confuse us. This album separates itself from other Our Lady Peace releases, not only by the inserts by R.K., but also by the total feel of the album. As stated earlier, you get the feel of the concept album with these inserts, but that is merely a trick on your senses, this album, at it's heart is a very deep and personal pop album littered with experimentation. This experimentation is shown beautifully in the songs, especially on "The Wonderful Future". The artwork is amazing, and goes along with that "concept" ploy that will throw you off. Listen to this album with an open ear avoiding the trickery and you will love it as much as I do.

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This CD shows off their original sound that noone else can copy. Raine Maida has a unique and gifted voice. Some people think he screeches alot like Billy Corgan but its part of his uniqueness. Best songs include In Repair, Life, Are you sad?, The wonderful future.

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