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Our Lady Peace - Clumsy
Label: Sony
Release: 1997

Superman's Dead
Automatic Flowers
Big Dumb Rocket
Hello Oskar
Let You Down
The Story Of 100 Aisles
Car Crash

Clumsy - Our Lady Peace
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Clumsy is a strange follow-up album to Naveed. It was a complete transition from their earlier, more raw and rocking sound. Also, it brought along new bassist Duncan Couts. It's almost as the men in the band put on a musical "costume". I know the first time I heard "Superman's Dead" on the radio, I had no idea it was Our Lady Peace, which was a band I liked a lot from their first release, Naveed. When I found out who it was and when Clumsy was released, I bought it. After hearing it in it's entirety for the first time, it left me a little numb. I didn't really know what to think about it, but this is the kind of album that is an acquired taste. Once you have acquired the "taste" and "mood" of this album, you're addicted. It is probably my favorite Our Lady Peace album.

There are traces of Naveed found on this record. "Hello Oskar" and "Let You Down" and "Car Crash" were the only songs on this release that could have even been remotely considered to be something you would find on Naveed. "Automatic Flowers," "Big Dumb Rocket" and "Shaking" all have great grooves and rock to them, and "4am" and "Clumsy" were songs that I knew were destined for the radio. I was correct! I believe this album was called clumsy because of feel of the album, you get the feeling of a very clumsy transition with strange sound effects, and at times purposely sloppy guitars. I'm convinced that this clumsiness is probably what Our Lady Peace intended, and thank god for that!

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