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Our Lady Peace - Naveed
Label: Sony
Release: 1995

Dirty Walls
Is It Safe?
Under Zenith
Neon Crossing

Naveed - Our Lady Peace
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Naveed is the first and, according to many Our Lady Peace fans, the best album they have created. This album is raw, and focuses not on experimentation, but rather on energy and power. The songs are exactly that, energetic, raw, and powerful. For those whom have heard their later releases and would go back and listen to Naveed, it almost appears that singer Raine Maida wasn't on board for Naveed. It is him, in a vocal style unrivaled by their later releases. The album starts out with "Birdman" and doesn't let it's hold go of you until the end of "Neon Crossing." The songs are laid out in an order that can make them more interesting by listening to them from 1 to 11, rather than on shuffle. The lyrics aren't as interesting as other albums, and Raine seemed to have focused on just himself on this album, which can be forgiven since he was young at the time. But all in all, even with the less than stellar lyrics, the album doesn't really suffer too much. I would definitely recommend this album to anyone who just wanted some good rock and could care less about lyrical content.

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