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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Take Them On, On Your Own
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 2003

1. Stop
2. Six Barrel Shotgun
3. We're All In Love
4. In Like The Rose
5. Ha Ha High Babe
6. Generation
7. Shade Of Blue
8. US Government
9. An I'm Aching
10. Suddenly
11. Rise Or Fall
12. Heart + Soul

Take Them On, On Your Own - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
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L.A. rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are heavily influenced by The Jesus & Mary Chain, yet they still playing a style all their own. And what better band to be influenced by?

This is evident on "Take Them On, On Your Own", their latest release. The album combines dark textures with catchy melodies and crushing rhythms.

Highlights of the album include the album opener "Stop", the catchy "Ha Ha High Babe", and the heartfelt acoustic "And I'm Aching".

It's a good album that just gets better with time.

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didn't i already review this album? no? oh well. i was pretty sure it was the same as the other one. it's not? oh i see the difference. the songs have different titles. hard to tell the difference when they all sound the same.


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