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Nirvana - Nirvana Greatest Hits
Label: Interscope Records
Release: 2002

You Know You're Right (Previously Unreleased - In Utero era)
About a Girl (Bleach)
Been a Son (version from Blew EP - other version on Incesticide)
Sliver (version from Sliver single - other version on Incesticide)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nevermind)
Come As You Are (Nevermind)
Lithium (Nevermind)
In Bloom (Nevermind)
Heart-Shaped Box (In Utero)
Pennyroyal Tea (Unrealesed single version - other version on In Utero)
Rape Me (In Utero)
Dumb (In Utero)
All Apologies (MTV Unplugged version - other version on In Utero)
The Man Who Sold the World (MTV Unplugged version - David Bowie cover)

Nirvana Greatest Hits - Nirvana
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This is by far the greatest compilation of good music from the 90' Nirvana....this is their greatest hits, with the final song Kurt Cobain ever recorded--->"You know you're right." THe master minds of this band have forever changed the view of rock itself, and to see a collection to this revolution is grat in and of itself. The realistic clash of rhythm, rhyme, and a simplistic but yet hidden complex meanings in the songs have thrusted Nirvana into the forefront of musical history. Revolutionary albums don't come but every decade, and This collection is the epitome of the 90's grunge rock, even quite possibly of all time. Only time will tell, but as for now, enjoy this piece of fine work! It's for you to use and discard......sincerely, your kindergrten cosmocrat.....

Reviewer Rating of CD :

can you say superflous? i know you can. you're smart, middle class and america. go ahead. let the word flow through your lips. yeah this album is superflous. gotta love it when a band that only did three albums releases a greatest hits, heh. especially a band like nirvana who's albums were all pretty strong, and releasing an album with greatest hits, baited by one unreleased song?! no dice. granted, you know you're right is good but fuck if i'm shelling out 15 bucks for one song. two stars for the music but that's it.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

As far as I'm concerned this greatest hits collection was released only for the reason to help feed Courtney's heroin habit. More money, more drugs, am I right?

The song selection on this is fairly predictable, and only "okay" done. I've been a huge Nirvana fan for years and this is missing some of their best songs, songs you'd think would be on here but aren't. They didn't even bother to fill the CD.

It's missing some great songs that should have been here, for example, "Aneurysm", "Spank Thru", "Sappy", "Dive", and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

There are however a couple good points about it. "You Know Your Right", the remix of "Pennyroyal Tea", and the version of "Been A Son" that was previously only on an old EP that I've never even seen a copy of, those are small breaths of fresh air, other than that, there's nothing too exciting about this compilation. Like I said, heroin money.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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