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Dirty Three - Whatever You Love, You Are
Label: Touch & Go Records
Release: 2000

some summers they drop like flies
I really should've gone out last night
I offered it up to the stars and the night sky
some things I just don't want to know
lullabye for christy

Whatever You Love, You Are - Dirty Three
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"Sounds bloody awful." That was my friend's first reaction to "Stellar", just a track from this album I randomly played. So I guess I should say if you don't like strings then you probably won't enjoy the instrumental Dirty Three. (I should also say, don't give this a first listen on laptop speakers...)

This is a very melodic, orchestral (but not orchestrated) album with some delicious delightful delicacies. I guess I can't really express how much I love this album. I can say my very favourite two tracks are "I Really Should Have Gone Out Last Night" and the 14-min orgy of "I Offered It Up to the Stars and the Night Sky".


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