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Polyphonic Spree, The - The Beginning Stages Of..
Label: Hollywood Records
Release: 2003

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The Beginning Stages Of.. - Polyphonic Spree, The
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holy shit. who knew such a brilliant album could be created so late in the existence of pop and roll music?

and who knew the guy that was in that tripping daisy's band was a genius?

certainly not i, cuz i never heard tripping daisy's. i got this for ten bucks at FYE cuz i heard it was great, and it is!!!

this music is shit i get excited about in the new coming millenium. i'ts truly orginal, nothing i know of really sounds too much like this. it's not pale, nostalgic retreads of garage rock like so much "new rock" is. in fact, this stuff is not hip AT ALL as it features mostly trumpets, keyboards, a full choir section and other UNROCK stuff.

it's hard to describe an album like this. i'ts basically one long composition. songs bleed into each other, themes are repeated.

if you see this for ten bucks, buy it!!! if you see it for 30 buy it!!!!!! you must own this album.

do it for tripping daisys. who i know nothing about.

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I agree with the above comments. I'd never paid much attention to Polyphonic Spree previously, but I saw them live earlier in the year & it was one of the most enjoyable, downright *fun* musical experiences I've had. Of course, as soon as I got home I rushed out to buy the album and wasn't disappointed. It may be a bit too "happy" for some, but I think it's a beautiful record.

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