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Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1995

01. Warped
02. Aeroplane
03. Deep Kick
04. My Friends
05. Coffee Shop
06. Pea
07. One Big Mob
08. Walkabout
09. Tearjerker
10. One Hot Minute
11. Falling Into Grace
12. Shallow Be Thy Game
13. Transcending
One Hot Minute - Red Hot Chili Peppers
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This is one of the best records ever made. The songs are some of their best, and the solo's (done by Dave Navarro on this album) are in my opinion, far better than that of John's. The album leads off with the hit single, "Warped," which is a 6-minute extremely oddly done song, but it is sure great. Next is the next single, "Aeroplane." The kids vocals in the background mixed with some of Anthony's best lyrics really make this song what it is. After that comes two of my all-time three favourite Chili Peppers songs, "Deep Kick" and "My Friends." "Deep Kick," at around 4 minutes has one of the best and most beautiful guitar solo's that I've ever heard. After that comes "My Friends," which is a quiet, very well done song about Anthony's ex girlfriend. Then comes "Coffee Shop," another single. The best part about this song is it's chorus. Next comes "Pea" (sung by Flea.) This song...well it's funny, but it really sucks. After that, "Tearjerker," "Shallow Be Thy Game," and "Transcending" are the highlights. "Tearjerker" reminds me a lot of "Californication," (the Peppers next CD.) "Shallow Be Thy Game" is my other top three all time Chili Peppers song. The chorus is to die for. Lastly, comes "Transcending," which is a great, great song until the whole mood changes at about 3 minutes. If they'd never added the last part, this song would have been perfect. If you just skip to the beginning of the song again, and forget about that part, it is great.

All in all, this album is a necessity. You need it, whether you're a Chili Peppers fan or not. It's one of the best album's ever made.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

I strongly disagree with the previous review of this album. One of the best albums ever made? You've got to be kidding me! It's a very mediocre album, quite possibly RHCP's worst.

Dave Navarro is a great guitarist, but he just didn't work well with the Chili Peppers. This album has no direction, and the songs just seem forced.

Before making ignorant statement like "It's one of the best albums ever made" people might want to actually listen to some albums that are actually good.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Well this album is great but it is also very 'weird'. It features some of the best from rhcp suck as aeroplane. Aeroplane is a great funky song which gets you moving. Songs such as deep kick has great music involved but it has terrible talking at the start which goes on for 1.30min! It crazy. Another almost great song is one hot minute. It is fantastic untill it has a stuffed up gataur scene at the end which lags on for ever.

Red hot chili peppers are my favourite band and if blood sugar sex magic was a 5/5 and californication was a 4?5 then this album is a 3/5

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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