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Yes - Drama
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1980

Machine Messiah
White Car
Does It Really Happen?
Into The Lens
Run Through The Light
Tempus Fugit
Drama - Yes
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HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE improvement over the last album, and one of the best mid period Yes albums. this album is actually the end of the first era, and it's strange that Jon Anderson isn't on this album at all!

it's even strange that the buggles are. video killed the radio star buggles. wah? Trevor Horn sounds like Anderson ont his album quite a bit, and Geoff Downes is a great keyboardist. this replacement, and huge improvement, seem to suggest that the weakest links in the band at this point were anderson and wakeman. and truly, wakeman's keyboard sound, and anderson's worst lyrics ever on tormato was what partially ruined that album. SO onward and upward.

starts out with the best song on the album, machine messiah. a great epic, with HEAAAAAAAVY steve howe guitar playing. he's never played with such a heavy tone as he did here. it's kind of weird to listen to, it doesn't sound like Yes at all, till some dorky keyboards cone in. great strong playing, no stupid keyboard or bass tones, everythign economical, well done!!

white car is next, and it's basically just a buggles song. it's short, and helps contrast with the rest of the pretty long songs on the album. cute, at least.

does it really happen is a great song, with once again great playing. it's hard to describe the songs, they're all of a piece, so to speak. they don't all sound the same, but this album has a very consistent tone, sound, and the songs are all very consistent. not one bad song.

into the lens is the longest song, and is pretty sparse, but is very well constructed in the end. a great epic, unlike "on the silent wings of buttcrack" from tormato.

run through the light is a funky rocker, that has trevor horn playing bass, and chris squire playing piano!!!!

tempus fugit is another rocker (there are quiet moments through out the album, for dynamics sake, but in general this is a loud album) and it featuers the funny line "answer to YES!" not sure if it's a self refrence but i sure hope it is.

a GREAT album. even considering it came after Tormato which would make any album seem great, this is a great album. and the end of an era. after this, the band would break up, but would be back in three years sort of...

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