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Yes - Tormato
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1978

Future Times/Rejoice
Don't Kill The Whale
Release, Release
Arriving UFO
Circus Of Heaven
On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
Tormato - Yes
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blake's on my poopy list. MY POOPY LIST. i don't like his reviews of Yes. Yes are superior to King Crimson in almost every way and he needs to realize this. :p

any ways, the first mistep in the band's career. it's a pretty big sized mistep, unlike time and a word which was just a small one. this album is a pretty sizeable one.

it's nto bad as some people say though. but it's not great. future times is a great, energetic way to start the album. sure, the guitar and synth tones are TINNY and everybodies playing a million notes a second. in a way, this is the inverse of tales from topographic oceans. there are way too many musical ideas for each song on here, the band didn't sort through them. it's almost like they're cramming each second with as many ideas as possible. just the opposite on tales, where there were not really enough ideas for each song.

don't kill the whale is perhaps the most universally despised Yes song ever. It does sound pretty stupid. but you know what? i love it. it's a good attempt at a disco song, and features some cool solo's. the lyrics are idiotic but jon anderson...

madrigal is a great ballad. the band is great at writing simple ballads, and they hit spades with this one.

release release is a spastic attempt to play a "normal" rock song, but the band keeps slipping into differnet time signatures, playign a million notes a second, using stupid bass tones OH i didn't mention chris squire uses a really stupid bass tone on all this that makes it sound completely retarded. not just on this song but on this whole album. oh yeah, it also features a "live" drum solo that's so stupid that... it's stupid.

arriving ufo has ridiculous arrangements, and ridiculous lyrics but... it's great! it becomes so fucking noisey and weird at the end, that i have a great time listening to it, evne if hte "holy crap a UFO" lyrics are too ludicrious to truly enjoy.

circus of heaven is pretty much crap though. i'm not sure what kind of music it is... anderson recites a poem over top some.. something. honestly, i can't really remember how most of it goes, except his song whines about their being no clowns. Heh?! a really stupid idea from a band who came up with better really stupid ideas.

onward is ANOTHER sparse ballad. in fact, the balladsa re the best part on this album and seem to suggest Yes should go in that direction. strangely enough, they DIDN'T but that's for the next album review.

on the silent wings of freedom is probably teh worst attempt at an epic Yes ever wrote. blah. lots of crap is going on, but nothing is happening.

it's worth getting i get. i like it, it's fun to listen to. it's completely stupid and immature, but so is fucking your mom all the live long day!

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