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Yes - Big Generator
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1987

Rhytmn OF Love
Big Generator
shoot High Aim Low
Almost Like Love
Love Will Find A Way
Final Eyes
I'm Running
Holy Lamb
Big Generator - Yes
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an often despised album among like EVERYBODY it's not that bad. it tries too hard to follow in the mold of 90125, and sometimes falls flat on the "ahem" owner of a lonely heart rip off attempts. but the band actually does stretch their vision somewhat, including a sparsely arranged, almost ambient song called "shoot high, aim low". there are a few hard rock songs, with weird vocal arrangements on them as well.

one song is called holy lamb (song for harmonic convergence). HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! it's a dorky song, liek the rest of them, really.

another thing wrong with this album is the songs are pretty long for most of it, without really needing to be. the band was in a strange state at this period in their career. the fact that this album is pretty enjoyable is a testament to their talents.

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I just pulled this album out after 15 years of it collecting dust, and yes it is all Trevor Rabin. I am not a big fan of Yes but do enjoy Roundabout and a few others, I did find the musicality of this album to be outstanding. The songs are long, lyrics are lame at times, with some sections feeling disjointed or out of place, but the production quality is probably what grabbed me. Having listened to some of Rabin's soundtracks, I couldn't help but here the 'film production soundtrack' in many of the songs. I read few reviews about the disagreements between the members, but putting that aside, I really loved the album.

If ever I needed someone, If ever I needed you.... and on and on.

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