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Yes - 90125
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1983

Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Hold On
It Can Happen
Leave It
Our Song
City Of Love
90125 - Yes
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Yes broke up, and then a bunch of guys joined the band Cinema that had Chris Squire and Trevor Rabin in it. those bunch of guys happened to be all former members of Yes. So they changed their name to Yes. Owner Of A Lonely Heart, and several other songs were hits, and Yes was commercial as money for like two seconds, and everybody remembers Yes like this, and hate them for it. They've only recovered in the last few years.

what the hell happened? well, this was a huge departure for the band. one reason for it, was Trevor Rabin. he was classically trained, sure, but he preffered to write pop songs with crunchy guitar work. i honestly am confused with some people i know who love duran duran but hate Yes in this incarnation. it's so CATCHY and well written. Sure, the guitar tone is pretty generic sometimes, butt hell, Billy Corgan's guitar tone is generic and he's hailed a genius!!!!!

and it's not like there's no experimentation. there are sitars on several songs, plus there's also the occasional piano, and some sizzling organ work. the vocals are arranged weird too. whatever. i love this album. it's not even a guilty pleasure, it's just a GREAT album.

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