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Yes - Time And A Word
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1970

NO Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
Sweet Dreams
The Prophet
CLear Days
Astral Traveller
Time And A Word
Time And A Word - Yes
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a misstep, but not a huge one. adding an orchestra was a stupid idea. plus, peter banks is pretty much drained for original guitar parts. so it's up to the band to compensate for him. and in a band like Yes, no member is more important than the others. everybody has to contribute, or you're screwed. which is what happened on this album.

the first track is a cover of a song i've never heard but this version kicks ass. featuring one of the only good uses of orchestra on this album to create a swirling effect, the band kicks aggressively throughout.

another highlight for me is astral traveller even though i k now tons of people hate this song. at least it has guitar and i can remember it the next day!

clear days is a nice completely orchestrated ballad. anderson's voice works well in this setting.

time and a word is a nice, great hippie anthem featuring tasteful orchestration and a real melody. since anderson is the ultimate hippie, this might be the ultimate hippy song.

the rest of the songs? pleasant while they're on, but ultimately forgetable. worth getting for hte songs i mentioned (which is half the album, heh) but get it as one of your last Yes albums.

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