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Smashing Pumpkins, The - Try, Try, Try
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 2000

01. Try, Try, Try
02. Here's To The Atom Bomb
Try, Try, Try - Smashing Pumpkins, The
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Average Blamo User Rating: (13 votes)

This single is ok. "Try, Try, Try" is a great song, but it really should never have been a single. It's b-side is "Here's To The Atom Bomb," an alright song, that really, they must have been desperate for b-sides or something... it doesn't fit the Era at all...A

All in all, it's ok, and it's best to just leave it at your local CD store. It's nothing you need to buy.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

try, try, trying to rewrite 1979 a rewrite of a husker du song as it is. maybe billy should have rewrote another husker song. maybe "he's so gay?"

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Eh, its ok. Try Try Try is a good song. Download it if you're a completist, otherwise forget about it.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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