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Yes - Magnification
Label: Sanctuary / Castle
Release: 2001

Spirit Of Survival
Don't Go
Give Love Each Dday
Can You Imagine
We Agree
Soft As A Dove
In The Presense Of
Time Is Time

Magnification - Yes
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another masterpiece. Jeez, they're on a roll! and once again different. recorded with an orchestra, like their second album time and a word, this is still vastly different. The orchestra arrangements were actually worked out with the band, not just lazily written over top. it works VERY well, and it's a masterpiece of ochestrated pop.

by now, after The Ladder bombed, the band ditched all efforts at ever becoming hip again, and trying to play the "young kids" music. they just decided to write what music they wanted to write, and they did. they're not playing music to gain new fans, or playing music they know old fans will like, which may or may not have been the case with the keys to ascension songs. they are just playing and doing what they want to do, regardless of commercialism. which is very admirable.

This album is an aural treat. it's wonderful to just listen to, the orchestra never overpowers the band, they play off of each other. there are rarely any virtuoso solo's, if there ever are. even steve howe, famous for his fast playing, plays more spare pieces in a steve hacket vein. which may be because in such an album, nobody can really show off, or maybe because he CAN'T show off any more. either way, this more spare, lyrical style is great, and i hope he sticks to it for awhile.

the songs are hard to describe: the album is very much a song cycle, with songs running into each other, and it basically sounds all of a piece. a wonderful piece. this album ALSO bombed, and you can find it REALLY cheap, like five bucks. It's worth it. Sorry I can't be more descriptive, but a lot of this is music with strings and horns and i don't know how to describe that! none of it really rocks, but it's all very powerful, and very beautiful.

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I don't know what these other guys are talking about. this album is perfect. I would say its one of their tightest albums.

Going for the one is by far my favorite shot Yes song with Woderous stories coming in a close second.

the only song i don't care for too much is parralels but still its not that bad of a song. its the only song not written by Anderson on the album and one of the only ones solely written by Chris Squire.

Awaken is a pretty crazy song and has some great playing by Howe and Wakeman.Squire plays a triple neck bass on this one. you can see it at the Hard Rock cafe in New York hanging on the wall. The harp section in the middle can be a little boring but it prepares you for the big ending i guess.

This is probably the last great Yes album up until Manification.

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