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Yes - The Ladder
Label: Sanctuary / Castle
Release: 1999

Homeworld (The Ladder)
It Will Be A Good Day (The River)
Lightning Strikes
Can I?
Face To Face
If Only You Knew
To Be Alive (Hep Yadda)
The Messenger
New Language
Nine Voices (Longwalker)
The Ladder - Yes
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wow. who knew that after 30 years of d oing this, Yes could still record a masterpiece? This is seriously their best album since Going For The One. It's a masterpiece of what it is: progressive pop.

The first song is among the best Yes epics, and is easily the best post Relayer epic the band wrote. It's dance prog, and VERY intriguing with really great playing by all. it's the theme song to Homeworld, a great game.

It will be a good day is a nice ballad that might seem schmaltzy, until you realize how well constructed and melodic it is.

lightning strikes is a cool rocker, that starts out with some fake big band music and it always makes me laugh. a Yes album making me laugh. now i've heard of everything.

can i? is a hilarious parody of Yes done by Yes themselves!!!!!! it features some hilarious chanting by Anderson, some great percussion, and (best of all) the band reprising "WE HAVE HEAVEN!" from fragile almost thirty years earlier!!!!!!!!!! Anderson does have a sense of humor...

face to face is a great techno (!) song. it's weird to hear Yes do techno, but they do it quite well. they don't jump head first into the genre, but add a few ideas and make it a huge highlight.

if only you knew is another very good ballad.

to be alive i can't think of what it's like right now, but i think it's a ballad.

finally is a GREAT rocker with intense guitar playing by both sherwood and howe. howe actually plays pretty lazy on a lot of this album, but there's times when he's on fire and boy it's great.

the messenger is a funk song (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and a good one. once again, it's weird to hear Yes, the epitome of progressive music, the whitest form of music, play a great funk song. it works though.

new language is the last epic on the album, and it features great playing, but seems to be more like "pop song gone prog" not bad, but i don't think it should be 9 minutes.

nine voices (longwalker) ends the album on an upbeat, catchy tone. this album is great, it's hard to believe after so long the band continues to change and keep in touch with the times, while not losing what made them great in the first place.

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