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Yes - Open Your Eyes
Label: Sanctuary / Castle
Release: 1997

New State Of Mind
Open Your Eyes
Universal Garden
No Way We Can Lose
Fortune Seller
Man In The Moon
From The Balcony
Love Shine
Somehow, Someday
The Solution
Open Your Eyes - Yes
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a Yes album released in weird circumstances, this is another forgotten Yes album. it's not their best, but there's some good stuff on this.

the band, at this point, had no steady keyboardist, and TWO guitarists, so naturally, the sound is much more guitar heavy. Billy Sherwood is much younger than the rest, and his guitar playing is grungy, looser, and a bit "rawer" than Yes is used to but so what? He wrote all these songs, it's not that surprising.

Some of the songs are really corny, but they're all catchy. There's something to recomend each song, whether it's the great verse, or an interesting chorus, or weird rhytmn ideas. there's even an extended ambient experiment hidden track that's dorky but fun to listen to for a few minutes.

it's good. SURPRISINGLY good, considering the fact that Steve Howe was disillusioned with the album, and the fact that it wasn't "YES MATERIAL" and that it was recorded in such a hurry. Sherwood's grunge version of Yes is very nice, thank you. And it got it's proper due on the next album, The Ladder. This album is a taster for The Ladder, a truly brilliant album. This album is fun, not much else. But after forty years of playing music, the fact that the band can make new, non generic non cliched music is amazing.

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