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Yes - Keystudio
Label: Sanctuary / Castle
Release: 2002

Foot Prints
Be The One
Mind Drive
Bring Me To The Power
Sign Language
That, That Is
Children Of The Light
Keystudio - Yes
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sigh. i'm not the most detached person to write Yes reviews. i fucking adore Yes.

this album is a compliation of the studio tracks the band had on their keys to ascension live albums. after years and years of not writing epic songs, the band jumped head first into doing it. there are occasional slips, but the band is still amazing at it.

in fact, this is almost like a modern update of the classic Yes sound. you play this, and close to the edge back to back, no way you're going to get confused as to what era they're each from. the band can still play, still write great melodies, great arrangments, anderson still sings high and writes near nonsenical lyrics. so basically all the stuff i love about Yes is here.

most fans don't really like these songs, and i can understand why, in a way. they're not really "progressing" they're more just really long songs that go through a bunch of moods. of course certain fans ADORE it because it is so much like their old stuff. and in a way, this album is a nostalgia trip like listening to the strokes or something.

but hey, i like it so i'm giving it four and a half stars. i wouldn't suggest a casual Yes fan buy it, but for a hard core Yesser like me, it's a great addition. sure, the band may be copying themselves a BIT on this album, but hey they're copying a great band.

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