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Yes - Yes (First LP)
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1969

Beyond and Before
I See You
Yesterday And Today
Looking ARound
Harold Land
Every Little THing
Yes (First LP) - Yes
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their first try and everything works. i mean everything. at this stage in their career, yes was a psychadelic pop band who played their instruments better than any other band that had existed. sure, steve howe wasn't in teh band yet, but original guitarist peter banks is no slouch, even if he's a bit more deriviative, and it's obvious he wasn't long for the band.

all stops are pulled out for the opening song, beyond and before, featuring great great bass, great guitar, great singing, great drumming GREAT!!!!!!!!

the next song is a cover of the byrds song, i see you. it's pretty jazz i fied up featuring some peter banks jazz noddling in the middle. it's good.

yesterday and today is a beautiful ballad of the type the band wouldn't do again till the Going For The One album half a decade or more later. it's sparsely arranged, and anderson is very emotional.

looking around features tony kaye doing what he does best: coming up with organ riffs. sure, the guy can't really play virtuoso, but he came up with some neat organ riffs time and again, and was a "net" so to speak for the rest of the band. without him keeping the foundation, the band would have floated away into space like they did later in their career to good and bad effect.

harold land is an anti-war song, and it's pretty complex for the time (not for yes though). featuring a jaunty beginning and end, and a depressing middle, the lyrics are pretty good, even though the song is "cold" like most yes songs are.

every little thing is a beatles cover but you could hardly tell. this song starts apocalyptically, then surges and soars throughout. it's basically a Yes song with beatles lyrics.

sparsely arranged ballad number two, sweetness comes on next. the music is nice, even if "puts the sweetness in, stirs it with a spoon" is stupid.

survival is the most progressive piece on teh album, so to speak, but of course that doesn't automatically make it the best. it's complex, features several different sections, and has silly lyrics. a great song.

this album is great. of course, many hardliner Yes fans hate it, but hardliner yes fans are as stupid as hardliner jethro tull fans. sure, i'm a huge fan of yes, but i recognize good music, and this is it. they must have too, because they based their second album around this one almost to a T! except it has an orchestra and worse songs.

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