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Yes - Yesshows
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1980

Disc One

Time and a Word
Going For The One
The Gates Of Delirium

Disc Two

Don't Kill The Whale
Wonderous Stories
Yesshows - Yes
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this is a nice live album, especially considering it has NO overlaps with the previous (and superior) yessongs.

it's strange though. yes is known as a bandt hat does really long songs. i like the epics that they featured on this album in their origianl versions. these versions...

the gates of delirium. :( i can't believe how much they massacred it here. anderson's singing is mroe vicious than ever, which is nice. the opening and ending sections are great, soon is still beautiful and the beginning sets the mood perfectly. the middle section is COMPLETELY ruined though by howe and moraz both, originally the stars of the song. they both use a tiny tiny tiny tone for their instrument that takes most of the power out, plus howe plays it much faster, which is theroetically cooler, but it isn't.

the ritual is pretty cool fo ra lot of it, but ruined by it's length. it's almost HALF AN HOUR LONG. they actually split it into two tracks ont he cd, but its' not labeled that way on the outside. there's some stupid drum section and anderson barks. yawn.

the short songs are ALL good even don't kill the whale. i think i'm the only human being on the planet earth who enjoys that song. i really likle it!

a weird thinga bout htis album is that it's sold as a two disc set for a single disc price. which made me wonder. i did the math, and it could have fit on a single disc. oh well. worth getting if you love yes.

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