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Moby - I Like To Score
Label: Elektra
Release: 1997

01. Novio
02. James Bond Theme
03. Go
04. Ah-Ah
05. I Like To Score
06. Oil 1
07. New Dawn Fades
08. God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
09. First Cool Hive
10. Nash
11. Love Theme
12. Grace
I Like To Score - Moby
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A collection of Moby's many songs from major motion pictures. Many of these songs have been released since, elsewhere, but nevertheless, it is a great buy. Even from the first song, "Novio," the album seems just right. Track two, the "James Bond Theme" is very well done. It's great to hear little Moby play all those chords, and make a techno version of the classic song. From there on, most of the songs are excellent, especially songs like "Oil 1," "New Dawn Fades," "First Cool Hive," and especially, "Nash." All in all, this is one of Moby's better albums, and if you enjoy quiet, enjoyable music to listen to, sometimes combined with techno-dance, you should really pick this baby up.

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