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Coldplay - Trouble
Label: EMI Records
Release: 2000

Brothers And Sisters
Shiver (Jo Whiley Lunchtime Social)
Trouble - Coldplay
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The third single off Coldplay's platinum album, "Parachutes." The feature song, "Trouble" (which just about everyone's heard) is amazing itself, and the b-sides off the single are just as great. "Brothers And Sisters" (re-done for this single) is far better than the original, and "Shiver" (done fully acoustically) is also, in my opinion, (though others may well disagree) is also, much better.

All in all, this single is a great buy, but it's a hard find. The best way to find it will be on the internet, if you're willing to go that way. If you don't want to find it on the net, then just keep your eyes very peeled.

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