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New Order - (the best of) New Order
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1994

01. True Faith
02. Bizarre Love Triangle
03. 1963
04. Regret
05. Fine Time
06. The Perfect Kiss
07. Shellshock
08. Thieves Like Us
09. Vanishing Point
10. Run
11. Round & Round
12. World (Price Of Love)
13. Ruined In A Day
14. Touched By The Hand Of God
15. Blue Monday
16. World In Motion

(the best of) New Order - New Order
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There are several versions of the set list of this CD, but the main one, the UK Release, is the one I'll use, even though I have both.

This is a normal greatest hits, except that it is longer, and in some cases there are alternate versions of the songs, such as radio edits, and single versions. The album is a collection of radio hits, and fan favourites, and they even decided to use the song they wrote for the World Cup in 1994, "World In Motion."

All in all, the CD is a great buy, but if you're a New Order fan, you might be sort of disapointed that some of your favourites didn't make the cut, and also the edits are sometimes annoying, when you're so used to it sounding one way, and including things that this CD doesn't include. To regular music fans, it's a good pick up, but the newer, "International" greatest hits is in my opinion, far better.

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