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New Order - Republic
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1993

01. Regret
02. World (Price Of Love)
03. Ruined In A Day
04. Spooky
05. Everyone Everywhere
06. Young Offender
07. Liar
08. Chemical
09. Times Change
10. Special
11. Avalanche
Republic - New Order
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"Republic" is New Order's most rock album to date. With songs like "Regret" and "World," they sound happier than ever, but still contain the little bit of angst that we all love. The album is amazing, even in the song, "Times Change," where I am still not so sure about Bernard Sumner's rappy singing in all the song but the chorus and bridge.

Up until that point, "Republic" was New Order's top chart position in the United States, setting at number 11 in the U.S. and number one in the U.K. (again) The album, despite being mainly pop-rock driven, contains signature New Order in "Spooky" and "Everyone Everywhere." The albums highest points are:
Regret ( a single )
World (The Price Of Love) ( a single )
Ruined In A Day ( a single )
Spooky ( a single )
Everyone Everywhere
Times Change

The album is a great pick up for all music fans, which really was a first for New Order. Up to this point, their stuff had been mainly directed at techno-dance lovers.

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