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New Order - Substance
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1987

DISC 01:
01. Ceremony
02. Everything's Gone Green
03. Temptation
04. Blue Monday
05. Confusion
06. Thieves Like Us
07. Perfect Kiss
08. Subculture
09. Shellshock
10. State of the Nation
11. Bizarre Love Triangle
12. True Faith

DISC 02:
01. In A Lonely Place
02. Procession
03. Mesh
04. Hurt
05. The Beach
06. Confusion (Insturmental)
07. Lonesome Tonight
08. Murder
09. Thieves Like Us (Insturmental)
10. Kiss Of Death
11. Shame Of The Nation
12. 1963
Substance - New Order
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What can be said about this album, besides...PERFECT. Every song on disc one is a hit, and every song on disc two is either an insturmental, a remix, or a previously unreleased song. It is questionably New Order's best album, and contains many of the most memorable songs from the 80's.

I remember though, thinking when I first got it, how much it sucked. I took a chance on it, and only did so because I had their newest album, "Get Ready" and loved it, so I decided to get this double album when I found it on sale. For the first several months, it sucked, by me. It remained on my shelf, with the intention never to come off... until one day, I saw it there, and thought, "Well, I am bound to like it more this time around, since I know New Order a little bit better." And I did. I've loved it ever since, and I carry it around with me everywhere.

This album was not meant to be played softly in your car. It was meant to be played as loud as you can play it on a giant sterio system. If you get it and don't play it loud, then you are making a big mistake.

The songs are all good, but to put the best into a seperate category, here they are, by album:

DISC 01:
Blue Monday
Thieves Like Us
The Perfect Kiss
State Of The Nation
Bizarre Love Triangle
True Faith

DISC 02:
In A Lonely Place
Lonesome Tonight
Thieves Like Us (Insturmental)

If you don't get this album the second you see it, you might call it one of the larger mistakes of your life. Get it. What more can be said....This album leaves me breathless.

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