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New Order - Power, Corruption, & Lies
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1983

01. Age Of Consent
02. We All Stand
03. The Village
04. 5 8 6
05. Blue Monday
06. Your Silent Face
07. Ultraviolence
08. Ecstasy
09. Leave Me Alone
10. The Beach
Power, Corruption, & Lies - New Order
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One of New Order's first albums, and a strong album in general, but its weaknesses show. Songs like, "Age Of Consent," "Blue Monday," and "Your Silent Face," make the album seem brilliant and full of hits, but there are a few misses, and they are obvious. Much of the album is very similar...techno mixed with guitar mixed with drums mixed with vocals mixed with bass. Very simple. At the time that this album came out, New Order was not even close to the potential that so many thought they had, and that they have now proven to all. All in all, the album rates among the worst of New Order albums, but for some bands, this would be their biggest hit.

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