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Jane's Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1991

No One's Leaving
Ain't No Right
Been Caught Stealing
Three Days
Then She Did...
Of Course
Classic Girl
Ritual De Lo Habitual - Jane
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If you only ever buy one of the many '90s alt-rock/grunge albums on show, then for god's sake, buy this one. The releaseof this album in 1991 saw Jane's Addiction become the godfathers of the alt-rock movement. They were pretty much ready totake over the world. So they done what any band in their situation would have done - split up, leaving this album as a flawless finale. Well, that's how it should have gone, but they did record a new album recently (Admittedly though, I haven't heard it).

Anyway, this album is great. It kicks off straight away with a couple of blistering rockers, all of them featuringvarious Janes trademarks - the Dave Navarro guitar attack, the outstanding Eric Avery bass, and, of course, the distinctivevoice of Perry Farrell. The best of these is the album opener, "Stop", with it's classic riff. "No One's Leaving" and "Ain't No Right" are all great too - and all of these three tracks feature outstanding Dave Navarro solos. "Ain't No Right"especially, features an absolutely storming bassline,

There's one other big fast rocker on this album - the lead single, "Been Caught Stealing", is generally deserving of all ofit's radio play. Pointless to describe it here - you probably know it already. That's it for fast-paced rockers though - the real meat-and-potatoes of this record lies in several big, epic, super-psychedelic tracks.

Several alt-rock bands from the early '90s fiddled around in the psychedlic area, and none of their efforts were even remotely as good as the cream of these tracks. "Obvious" is the first big hitter, travelling on a carpet of Navarro guitareffects, Avery bass and piano - all done extremely well, before Navarro finally launches into the closest thing resemblinga main theme and Perry Farrell starts singing. It's played to perfection - on the best of these efforts, Jane's didn't waste a note, or a second of music.

Throughout the track, Navarro always tends to add more and more to the sound, playing funky wah-riffs and several other great guitar lines. Farrell continues to build up his echoey-vocals, and the piano keeps pounding away. Finally, Navarroplays an outstanding solo as the song reaches it's fade-out climax. Great, great track.

And the same can be said of the big multi-part epic on here, the 11-minute "Three Days". "Three Days" is definitely theirbravest move - everything about it is epic, from the opening guitar notes to Eric Avery's bassline. It changes pace soonenough, heading into a big rocker, with a fantastic solo from Dave Navarro included. Navarro follows the first installmentof his big solo with some outstanding volume-guitar playing that Steve Hackett would be proud of, before continuing to playhis guitar to oblivion. FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC solo. Afterwards, Perkins hammers out a fantastic drum beat, and the songstarts really going forward - filled with big, booming chords, and several crazy guitar works in the background. It allfinishes off with a big, epic ending, and several well-placed notes, and yet another great solo. Classic. This song basically defines the term "alt-rock epic".

And that's still not the best song on here - that title would go to the song afterwards. "Then She Did" is a masterfulexercise in build-up. It begins very quietly, with an excellent chord progression, before getting increasingly louder...several delicate sections, before a big ending. Not nearly as complex as "Three Days", but it's absolutely outstanding.Sheer brilliance. The record closes out with two other excellent songs - the weird and good, if a little overlong "Of Course", and a good ballad in the shape of "Classic Girl".

High 9 for this one. It's a classic album, for sure. One of the best albums of the '90s, and certainly the best album fromthe whole of the early '90s alt-rock movement. 9.

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