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Metallica - Master of Puppets
Label: Elektra
Release: 1986

Master of Puppets
The Thing That Should Not Be
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Disposable Heroes
Leper Messiah
Damage Inc.
Master of Puppets - Metallica
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1986 saw Metallica reach their peak - when they released this album, rightly placed amongst the greatest heavy metal albumsof all time, they were on fire. Most of the regular problems with Metallica were the worst, ignorable. Sure,that Lars is still a bad drummer, and that James is still a pretty bad lyricist, but it doesn't matter, as Metallica continued to improve in all areas - this album is their definite peak, towering high above all of their other works.

This rise would, of course, come to an abrupt halt soon after, with the tragic death of Cliff Burton - an event from which they might have never fully recovered from. But this final recording is fantastic - the peak. It opens straight away with"Battery" - much like "Fight Fire With Fire" from the last album, it's a cold, calculated thrasher - the amateurism is nowcompletely gone. It's excellent too.

And it's followed with the super-tight interplay of the classic title track - riffs flying everywhere, and superb Hetfieldplaying - Hammett's solo isn't much to shout about, because Hetfield's slow solo in the middle takes all the credit. Oneof the all-time Metallica solos, that one. And generally, it's a superb track.

"The Thing That Should Not Be" is probably the only real "low" - it's very brooding in it's nature...but it's just not fullyrealized. It might have been a track that caught Slayer's attention though. It's still a good track, either way - just not that good when compared to some of the others.

"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" is next up to the plate, and it delivers - it's another quiet-loud track, and it works very well. More superbly calculated greatness there - with several excellent solos. And then we head right into the head-spinzone, as the band treat you to 9 angry minutes of "Disposable Heroes" - another calculated thrasher. Pretty good track -if a little unmemorable. Then we get the crunch of "Leper Messiah" before moving on to the real meat n' potatoes.

Yep, the best track here is "Orion". It's also the best track in the whole of the Metallica catalogue, without question."Orion" is a stunning instrumental of a like that they would never achieve again - it's Metallica riff paradise for a start,seeing as it's got about 5 classic metal riffs. It's undoubtedly Cliff's finest moment - he produces one of the best basslines in the whole catalogue in the middle. Solos? Yep, there's several of them here - none of them really possessingthe regular rawness of the metal solo - everything here is fully worked out and calculated beforehand. Lars isn't eventhat bad behind the drumkit for once. The guitar harmonies in the middle? Oh yes. Overall, the track is an absolute classic - by far the greatest thing the band ever did.

Really, the album should end with "Orion", but you do get one last thrasher - and it's a pretty raw this one. "Damage Inc."is a total harkback to the days of "Kill 'Em All", but i'm talking more about "Whiplash" than "Seek and Destroy". It'sprobably their heaviest track to date, in fact. It's a good way to finish.

Overall, the album recieves a respectable 8 - it's worthy of it's place amongst the metal classics. Metallica never produced an album that was even remotely close to this one ever again. 8.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

By far one of the best albums that Metallica has released. If you would really like to know what true trash metal is all about, pick this album up.
No, this album does not sound like the "Black Album." Don't attempt to compare the two, that would be considered blasphomy within the true metal world, and no, not the 1990 "Black Album/top40" world.
However, if you truly feel up to it, pop in the "Master of Puppets" album, sit and listen to the lyrics,the music, the pure raw thrash emotion that rips from this album...and then pop in the "Black Album." I'm sorry, but "hush little baby don't say a word" or "off to never never land" just doesn't cut it when comparing them to "I'm your source of self destruction" or "bodies fill the fields I see."

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Well what can i say. T'was the first Metallica album i got and from that day forth i saw basically most other music as shit. The album is a crazed maniac from start to end and the lyrics deal with some real time issues. I would dub Hetfield a great lyric writer for his style. He doesnt write quite as deep as someone like Billy Corgan but Hetfield should still be considered a terrific song writer. Him AND Lars.

The madness begins with an ingenious medly of nylon strings ALL done by Hetfield. It bashes you right in the fucking forhead when it comes in heavy and then turns into an ear bleeder. THat fast guitar by Hetfield crashes in and your on your own little ride through the song. If you think you can just pick up the guitar and play it then you need to go and fuck your self rectully. Hetfield picks faster than 12 year olds masturebate. It's Insane. Then Hammet comes in with the wah-wah lead. Anyone who bashes that lead is just not realizing how much fun and how cool it sounds to use a wah. From personal experience, the wah is ESSENTIAL for playing any guitar. The ending lick of the lead blows my mind. It's straight through your fucking eyes with tone.

NExt up, Mater of Puppets. THis song alone made me love Metallica. I cringe and shudder at my idiocy as a kid liking Blink 182 and Greenday. I was such a fucking idiot. It's emberassing and i apologize to all reading this for listening to that bullshit. I was in the car, with my mother, i was 12, and that first E power chord came in. THe station was 106.7 KBPI. I was blown away. The agression pouring from that song. Hetfields tight as can be, compressed, Rectifier guitar tones split your stomach in half. I couldnt help but smirk thinking, "Holy shit, this is too much to handle." THe harmony's in the bridge gave me a whole new look at guitar. The intensity of that song was explosive. I remember going home and rumiging through my dads old 80's guitar mags, finding one with the MAster of Puppets tab, opening it, and learning the whole damn song, leads and all, flawless in one night. I couldnt not puit it down. I wont tell you about the song. GO listen to it.

The thing that should not be. A beastly song. Though at first i much disliked it, i learned to love it because of the chorus. It just sounds so hanous and unforgiving. In madness you dwell. The lead is very different and i like that. Hammet said he used his tremelo bar and a glass candle holder to make that monsterous growl. Now that was some kind of monster.

Sanitarium made me love down picking. MAster of puppets had it but in Sanitarium, on the switch to the bridge, Hetfield takes it to new speeds. It's maniacle. Listen to it. Some of the best leads in rock are in there. Some individual licks are out of this world.

OK, first off this must be the second best song name (the first being bullet with butterfly wings), DISPOSABLE HEROES. It says it all. So much hate in the song. But controled. I hate new metal adn basically all metal excluding thin lizzy, metallica, and megadeth (barely made the list). I do hate slipknow, hatebreed, linkin park, basically everything else. It is shit. This song channels hate and rage into one of the best shaped songs in music history. Lead is insane, I'm still getting it down and ive been playing for a good 5 years. The lyrics make you're blood boil and your mind rage.

Leper Messiah is about fake religion and how religions just take your money. THat's what i think and i know there will be conflicting ideas and i respect them. But give me money. Gimme green, heaven you will meet, are some great lyrics to really think about. Listen to the song and ask yourself if you are just worshipping a lepper messiah.

Orion. Damn, this one is cool. Cliff Burton did the intro for all you who want to know and think cliff just held the bass there. HE is one of the most influential bassist of our time. Paul McCartney played like a fuckin joke compared to cliff. The song embodies all that an instrumental should be. Heavy heavy heavy. That's what i say about it.

Damage Inc. I loved this song. Me and my friend would go in my basement and fucking give ourselves the headaches of a lifetime going crazy to this song. Hetfield plays in a speed most records have to be sped up about 10 times just to match. And the lyrics are way badass. Kinda amaeture like in the Kill 'Em All days but the song is still a must.

Listed to this album and Ride the Lightning and ...And Justice for All. They are the only three albums you will ever need. Solid, Fucking, 10.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

just when i thought metallica did their best i was absolutely wrong they did better in their third album "master of puppets" heavy metal fast and pure hard rock. how can it get much better? battery one of the songs in the album which i kept listening to over and over, my reaction was like can it be much better than this and when i heard the rest of the songs i was like amazing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK METALLICA!

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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