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Coldplay - Clocks
Label: EMI Records
Release: 2003

1. Clocks
2. Crests Of Waves
3. Animals
Clocks - Coldplay
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The third single off Coldplay's hit album, "A Rush Of Blood To The Head," and by far the best of them all. "Clocks" the song itself is to die for, and so are the other songs, "Crests Of Waves," and "Animals," which were previously unreleased. "Clocks," which I am sure you've heard on the radio a billion times, is the main song, and followed by it is "Crests Of Waves" and "Animals." "Crests Of Waves" is a signature Coldplay song. Chris Martin sometimes hums and whines instead of singing, but somehow it sounds great. "Animals" is one of Coldplay fans favourite songs live, and I remember hearing it was going to be on the "Clocks" single and being extatic. The studio version doesn't disapoint, it's as great as the live version was.

Whether you love Coldplay or not, you will love all three of these songs, and I really reccomend getting the single (if you can find it.) Once again, as was the case in finding "The Scientist" single, it will really help if you live in England.

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