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Coldplay - The Scientist
Label: EMI Records
Release: 2002

1. The Scientist
2. 1.36
3. I Ran Away
The Scientist - Coldplay
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The second single off Coldplay's hit album, "A Rush Of Blood To The Head." "The Scientist" itself, is a piano, vocals driven quiet song with a lot of emotion wrapped inside it. The single is very good, mainly because of the song, "I Ran Away," which ranks among the top Coldplay songs ever. "1.36" is the low point of the album, without question. It's a fast, distorted, plain and simple, annoying song. There is hardly any bass, and it's very dry.

If you love Coldplay, then by this single, because "I Ran Away" alone is worth the money. It will be helpful for you if you live in England, because in the United States this single is extremely hard to find. If you get the chance, make sure you pick it up.

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