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Coldplay - In My Place
Label: EMI Records
Release: 2002

1. In My Place
2. One I Love
3. i Bloom Blaum
In My Place - Coldplay
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The first single off Coldplay's multi-platinum release, "A Rush Of Blood To The Head." The single was released August 5th, 2002 and contains the main hit off "Rush Of Blood," "In My Place," plus two previously unreleased songs ("One I Love" and "i Bloom Blaum.")

This is a strong single, but "i Bloom Blaum" really doesn't have much to it. Chris Martin's vocals are short and there is no real chorus to the song. "One I Love," though, well could have been released on the actual album. It has been played many times live by Coldplay, and there is good reason. The song's catchy chorus and fast tempo make it one of the best Coldplay b-sides out there.

It's worth getting if you love "A Rush Of Blood To The Head," but if not, then buying it is a good waste of money.

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