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Silverchair - Diorama
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 2002

1) Across The Night
2) The Greatest View
3) Without You
4) World Upon Your Shoulders
5) One Way Mule
6) Tuna In The Brine
7) Too Much Of Not Enough
8) Luv Yer Life
9) Lever
10) My Favorite Thing
11) After All These Years
Diorama - Silverchair
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Silverchair. The name generally brings up the image of three adolescent teenagers strumming out loud grunge music and trying their best to look like their rock and roll peers such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Times have changed evidently. As Neon Ballroom marked Silverchair gradually edging out of the shadow of their influences and into their own band, Diorama throws them into a new realm of originality.

     The album opens up with the beautiful “Across The Night.” It is the perfect intro to the album. It brings together all of the albums sounds and gives the listener a precursor of what this album will eventually evolve into. “The Greatest View” “Without You” and “World Upon Your Shoulders” follow, offering easily the most enjoyable songs on the album.

     Diorama is lushly orchestrated. The background musicians never overpower or dilute the songs, it all fits, and the album is very well produced. While Daniel Johns is still not a very proficient songwriter, he has improved immensely over the past two years. This is also Silverchair’s happiest album. Upon listening to it in it’s entirety you might question how the same person who wrote the scathing “Suicidal Dream” and “Untitled” could rebound and write such epics like “Luv Yer Life” and “My Favorite Thing.”

     Even with the defined perfection on the album, it still sounds like the band is having a great load of fun. On “Luv Yer Life,” Daniel Johns covers limitless styles of singing, and if you thought that his vocal range was exceptional on the past albums you will be floored by how he seemingly manhandles his vocal chords on this album. Music fans abroad, singing along, will be hard pressed to match his vocals as they sing along. The only sour note on the album is the trite “Lever” which sounds like a matured Freak Show outtake.

     Already a big hit in Australia, this album has not yet peeked in the United States, where bands like Linkin Park and Evanesance are running amok. Perhaps it is Silverchair’s past that keeps this album from fully taking off. On Diorama, Silverchair establish themselves as their own band, and a force to be reckoned with.

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