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R.E.M. - Green
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1988

Pop Song 89
Get Up
You Are the Everything
World Leader Pretend
The Wrong Child
Orange Crush
Turn You Inside-Out
I Remember California

Green - R.E.M.
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Nestled between Document and Out of Time, I sometimes think that R.E.M.'s Green is overlooked.

It really is a great album, though. Take the upbeat hits "Pop Song 89" and "Stand", add altrock anthems like "Turn You Inside-Out" and "Orange Crush", the jaded introspection of "World Leader Pretend" and "The Wrong Child", along with the rest of the album and you've got a great record.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

"Green" is, by far, my favourite R.E.M. album ever, and honestly, probably one of the best records ever made. "Green" is almost perfect. The only part of the album I don't like? "The Wrong Child," but still, you have to appreciate the mandolin used in it, later used in "Losing My Religion." There are a few songs I'm sure you've heard on here: "Pop Song '89," "Stand," and "Orange Crush." "Stand" is a classic. Anyone born in the late 70's or early 80's will always remember this song. You remember how it goes..."Stand, in the place where you live. Now face north. Think about direction wonder why you haven't before..." etc, etc. I think that's how it goes... Personally, the best song on the album and one of my top 10 favourite songs ever is "World Leader Pretend." R.E.M. liked it too: it's the only song with the lyrics printed in the booklet. If you don't get "Green," all you're doing is hurting yourself. There is a song for every mood known to man, it seems. Feeling happy? Well, then "Pop Song '89" and "Get Up" will make you even happier. Feeling in love? Well, "You Are The Everything" will make you feel even more in love. Feeling crazy and in the mood to dance? "Stand" will do it for you. Feeling sorry and regretful? "World Leader Pretend" will touch you rite in the rite spot. I could go on forever. This album is brilliant, there is nothing else to say about it. Amen. Buy it.

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