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New Order - International
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 2002

01. Ceremony
02. Blue Monday
03. Confusion
04. Thieves Like Us
05. The Perfect Kiss
06. Shellshock
07. Bizarre Love Triangle
08. True Faith
09. Touched By The Hand Of God
10. Round And Round
11. Regret
12. Crystal
13. 60 Miles An Hour
14. Here To Stay
International - New Order
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A greatest hits from one of the best bands ever. It's impossible to go wrong with this one. It features almost all of the greatest hits. It's not very exciting, because there are no previously unreleased New Order songs, but nevertheless, it's a great buy. If you can, try to pick up the version including video's of "The Perfect Kiss," "True Faith," and "Blue Monday" (live in 2002). There's not much more I can say, that if you pick it up, there is no way you'll be dissapointed.

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