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David Gray - White Ladder
Label: RCA Records
Release: 2000

01. Please Forgive Me
02. Babylon
03. My Oh My
04. We're Not Right
05. Nightblindness
06. Silver Lining
07. White Ladder
08. This Years Love
09. Sail Away
10. Say Hello Wave Goodbye
11. Babylon II
White Ladder - David Gray
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Though this record had a lot of commercial success, and was generally given very high ratings by reviewers around the world, I beg to disagree with it's excelent ratings. The album has a lot of the same type of songs, which is nice, if you like songs that you only really listen to when you're very bored, and trying yet again to get into. "White Ladder's" main single, "Please Forgive Me" is to die for, but beyond that, the next best song is really, only average. "Babylon" and "Sail Away" are nice songs, but still, there is little to them. Compared to Gray's most recent release, "A New Day At Midnight," "White Ladder" doesn't even compare. I'd recommend getting it, but I'd get "A New Day At Midnight" way before "White Ladder." If you're interested in downloading both albums for free then works. Still, you should get the albums.

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