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Staind - 14 Shades Of Grey
Label: Elektra
Release: 2003

01. Price To Play
02. How About You
03. So Far Away
04. Yesterday
05. Fray
06. Zoe Jane
07. Fill Me Up
08. Layne
09. Falling Down
10. Reality
11. Tonight
12. Could It Be
13. Blow Away
14. Intro
14 Shades Of Grey - Staind
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Rolling Stone gave this album 2 out of 5 stars. They said, that the title basically says exaclty what the music is...14 of the same songs. I disagree. This is Staind's best album, by far. If they are going to give "Break The Cycle" (Staind's last release) four stars, then they better have given "14 Shades Of Grey" like...7. Staind still isn't my favourite band out there, but this album really furthered my liking of them. With the main singles, heavy, angst ridden "Price To Play" and beautiful guitar with kind lyrics "How About You", Staind already seems different. Aaron Lewis seems more sincere then ever, especially in the song, "Zoe Jane." It is worth picking up, but you may want to listen to parts of it on first to see if it fits you. I recommend it, but others may disagree with my opinion of this album.

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