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Various Artists - Punk O Rama Vol. 1
Label: Epitaph
Release: 1994

Songs by:
Bad Religion
#1 Do What You Want

#2 Don't Call Me White
#14. Liza And Louise

#3 Hyena
#6 I Wanna Riot

The Offspring
#4 Session
#10 Jennifer Lost The War

#5 Dying To Know
#12 Open Door

Total Chaos
#7 Riot City

Gas Huffer
#8 Crooked Bird

#9 We're Back We're Pissed

Down by Law
#10 Bright Green Globe

Wayne Kramer
#13 Crack In The Universe

Ten Foot Pole
#15 My Wall

#16 Reality is a Ride On the Bus

Punk O Rama Vol. 1 - Various Artists
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This is by far the best CD in the Punk-O-Rama collection. Although it lacks the variety of artists that can be found in other CD's in the collection, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. A lot of the artists on the CD have multiple tracks on the album. Punk-O-Rama is a great look at early 90's punk rock, back before pop punk became popular and alot of these artists became mainstream. The first song is by Bad Religion, the posterboys of Epitaph Records. I don't particularly like Bad Religion, but they are a good band and they chose a good song for the album. Other artists with particularly good tracks on the CD are NOFX and The Offspring. Although the Offspring have succombed to the masses and gone mainstream, their early work is a lot diffrent and I like it.

If you like punk rock but your sick of listening to crap by Good Charlotte and Blink 182, you'll probably like this CD.

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