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Moby - 18
Label: V2 Records
Release: 2002

We Are All Made Of Stars
In This World
In My Heart
Great Escape
Signs Of Love
One Of These Mornings
Another Woman
Extreme Ways
Jam For The Ladies
Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)
Sleep Alone
At Least We Tried
Look Back In
I'm Not Worried At All

18 - Moby
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First off, I'd just like to note how amazingly brilliant the man is. Moby sings on most songs, writes the songs, plays every insturment on the album, and manages to find singers besides himself to sing on the ones he doesn't. Did I mention he produces all the music too? Moby is really, just Moby. There is no 5 other members of the band not mentioned in the bands name, like Dave Mathews's just...him. I'd think it would get lonely after awhile...

Anyhow, about the album, "18..." "18" is a traditional Moby album, in that it's hard, soft, electronic, beautiful, and incredible all at the same time. I don't know how he does it. The most notable songs are the radio friendly, "We Are All Made Of Stars," and "Extreme Ways," followed by the not-so-radio-friendly, but absolutely amazing songs like, "Signs Of Love," "Fireworks," "Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)" "At Least We Tried" and "18." "At Least We Tried" is one of my all time favourite songs, not only by him, but by any artist, ever. The 6-minute epic contains Freedom Bremner on vocals, and of course, Moby on, everything else.

There is no doubt in my mind every one of you will find a certain part of "18" that you love. It took me awhile before I ever liked it at all. I bought it one day, rather randomly, just to see what he was like, and listened once, and didn't pick it up for another 2 months. One night, late at night, I decided maybe I'd like it more this time, and so I popped it in. Ever since, I've bought every Moby CD that I see, and don't plan on ever stopping.

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