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New Order - Get Ready
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 2001

01. Crystal
02. 60 Miles An Hour
03. Turn My Way
04. Vicious Streak
05. Primitive Notion
06. Slow Jam
07. Rock The Shack
08. Someone Like You
09. Close Range
10. Run Wild
11. Behind Closed Doors*

* Bonus Track
Get Ready - New Order
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I sat here wordless for about 15 minutes before I could think of what to say about this album, other than that it is a brilliant album, and every one of you should pick it up today. New Order, the classic band from the early 80's, with hit songs like "Blue Monday," "Ceremony," "True Faith," and "Bizarre Love Triangle" has changed, yes, but is better than ever. After temporarily splitting up, and rejoining in 1998, New Order had become less dance-driven, and much more musically talented. Their 80's music, no matter how great it was, never really showed their talents, because it was all done electronically. Now, singer / songwriter Bernard Sumner sounds better than ever, and New Order followed his lead. "Get Ready" is one of my top 10 albums of all time, and for good reason. Songs like, "Crystal," "Vicious Streak," "Slow Jam," "Someone Like You," and "Run Wild" highlight the albums best songs, but every single song, 1-10 is excelent. 'Get Ready' for hearing one of the best albums ever made. Pick it up today.

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