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Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1975

Disc 1:

Custard Pie
The Rover
In My Time of Dying
Houses of the Holy
Trampled Underfoot

Disc 2:

In the Light
Down By The Seaside
Ten Years Gone
Night Flight
The Wanton Song
Boogie With Stu
Black Country Woman
Sick Again
Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
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Well, II and IV may be set in stone as classics, but they really cannot compare to this album. That is, in terms of utteroverratedness - this album is, frankly, very poor. This 1975 effort saw Zeppelin try to stick their fingers in so, so manypies (they obviously didn't learn from the efforts on "Houses of the Holy") a result, the band create some poor songs,combined with some of their dullest rockers.

There are a few decent moments though - basically, the whole of the first record. The solid "Custard Pie", combined withthe half-decent "The Rover", start the record off on a good note. The band follow this with "In My Time of Dying", which ismost certainly overlong at 11 minutes, but still pretty good for the most part - although the band should have done some editing here. We then get "Houses of the Holy" which is again, decent, before getting into the 2 best songs on the record - "Trampled Underfoot" is pretty much their only real successful experiment, with an intoxicating riff and severalgreat passages.

And then, of course, there's "Kashmir". THE definite staple from this record, it's an absolute marvel of a song - one of Zep's best. Complete with all of it's many symphonic parts and THAT ascending riff....and a brilliant beat too on the drums, the song revels in it's repetitiveness over 8 and a half minutes - and that riff will bore right into your skull. The only real complaint that I have lies with that Robert at the front and his constant screams of "Oooohh mymymy!", but itdoesn't matter that much. It's a classic.

So, really, if you added "Bron-Yr-Aur" and "The Wanton Song" from the second disc, you'd have a record that would be as good,if not better, than IV or Houses of the Holy - a definite 9 for sure. But it wasn't to be - Zeppelin then ruin everythingby sticking on a second disc that's filled to the brim with rubbish.

The problems start straight away when we start with "In the Light", a song which takes all the bad parts of IV's "Battle ofEvermore", and fails to add any good parts. It's a 9-minute nightmare, filled with dull, boring sections, horrible mystical lyrics, annoying Plant, and instrumentation that's worthy of a band like fucking Kansas. Absolutely shocking.

"Bron-Yr-Aur" stops the rot for 2 minutes, as Jimmy Page supplies another little acoustic ditty. But it's followed by the bland "Down by the Seaside", which isn't bad....but just really dull. Not the type of thing that Zeppelin were good at. It's really good though, when compared to Nightmare #2 - the horrible soft rock of "Ten Years Gone", that just out-and-outgrates for 6 and a half minutes. Extremely poor.

"Night Flight" is another poor number - it's just completely dull, again. Zeppelin are throwing all of the good stuff on Disc 1 away by now, but there is another good respite - and funnily enough, it's one of their funk experimentations. "TheWanton Song" runs on a glorious beat, and features some great Page passages as well. Really good, this one - shame it's stuck here on Disc 2 when it could be sharing space with it's natural brother, "Trampled Underfoot".

"Boogie With Stu" is an obvious filler track - utterly honky-tonk. Not terrible, I suppose. But the album ends on two very poor notes - a bit more filler in "Black Country Woman", and perhaps their worst rocker ever, with the atrocious "SickAgain", a horrid piece of cock-rock.

This album is saved by the great first record, but the second record is terrible. Overall, i'll give the album a low 4. Some great songs amongst a sea of bad. Not even remotely close to the other Zeppelin classics - heck, it doesn't even holda candle to Led Zeppelin II.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

ahhhhhhh. this is a long album. it could be considered a career peak, if it wasn't.

much of the material is kind of fillerish. okay funk rockers that dont' really go anywhere, and are about on par with aeroshit.

there are some great stuff. one of the greatest songs written by a mortal man (as opposed to the kind of songs vampires and other undead, immortal creatures create) kashmir is on here. BANG BOOM GET OUTTA THE ROOM.

and the long songs to me are brilliant. i dunno, i like droney stupid shit like a bunch of these songs are. plus, the really long blues song on here is great.

oh what the fuck. most of hte songs are pretty good. i give it a three and a half for the good material, it would get a four if it wasn't for funk zeppelin by teh shitbers.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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