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Led Zeppelin - Latter Days
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 2000

The Song Remains The Same
No Quarter
Houses of the Holy
Trampled Underfoot
Ten Years Gone
Achilles' Last Stand
Nobody's Fault But Mine
All My Love
In The Evening
Latter Days - Led Zeppelin
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Unfortunately, this isn't close to "Early Days". Going from "Houses of the Holy" right to the final "In Through The Out Door", this record is a bit more uneven, and does have quite a few examples of bad selection. This is mainly due to the factthat naturally, the record that's mainly looked at here is "Physical Graffiti", a below-par record that somehow made it to the statue of "Rock classic".

There's more than a few omissions as well - there's only 2 songs from "Houses of the Holy" - 2 of the best mind you, with the title track and the classic "No Quarter". "The Rain Song" and "Over the Hills and Far Away" though, lose, which is a shame, especially considering some of the tracks that were picked over it.

The "Physical Graffiti" collection (4 songs) fares quite well - it starts with the half-decent "Houses of the Holy", although"Wanton Song" would have been better, before including the two best songs off the record - "Trampled Underfoot" and "Kashmir". But god knows what happened next, as they then decide to include the atrocious "Ten Years Gone". Why? There'sso many other songs they could have picked. Not good.

"Presence" only has 2 songs - but that's pretty much right. 2 of the best, after all - the self-confessional blues of "Nobody's Fault But Mine", and the last ever great Led Zeppelin song, "Achilles' Last Stand", which may very well be the greatest. Filled full of great guitar overdubbing and a fast, catchy rhythm, it's utterly worthy of the 10 minutes it gets.And finally, the album concludes with 2 pieces from "In Through The Out Door" - one of the least offensive songs in "All MyLove", and the messy, dull, boring, horrid "In The Evening". Not a good way to end.

There's several problems with this collection - first off, "Physical Graffiti" dominates over all the other albums, when itshould have probably shared equal billing with "Houses of the Holy". Some poor selections - why on earth is "Ten Years' Gone" or "In the Evening" here, whilst songs like "Rain Song", "Over the Hills and Far Away", "The Wanton Song" and "CustardPie" miss out? At least they didn't put "In The Light" on. And there should have probably only been one song for "In Through The Out Door" - it was a poor note for Zeppelin to end on.

I'll give it a 6 overall - decent, but the collection could have been a lot better. We've still got "Early Days" though, ifyou really want a greatest hits collection. But you don't really want this one - not that great. 6.

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