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Phish - Junta
Label: Elektra
Release: 1988

Disc One

Divided Sky
You Enjoy Myself
Golgi Apparatus
Dinner And A Movie
David Bowie

Disc 2

Fluff's Travels
Union Federal

Junta - Phish
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Jam Music has gotten pretty popular these days. There are tons of new bands that are getting noticed and a lot of these bands are very good. But the most influential jam band in recent years is definitly Phish. I think Phish is a great band and they have put out a lot of good music. They have put out several albums in recent years, but my favorite is Junta, which was one of their earlier albums.

Junta is a great CD for so many reasons. I love the fact that it's a two disc set because the second CD has a lot of live preformances on it. The music on Junta flows really well. This album is one of those albums that you can just sit down and listen to it and it really mellows you out. Most songs by Phish are fairly long, and Junta is no exception. But the thing that makes this album good is that after getting 10+ minutes into a song, i'm not anxious to move on to the next one.

I know that Phish isn't for everyone, but if your into jam scene, this is an essential album for your collection. As far as Phish albums go, I think it's one of their best. No album is perfect, but I think Junta is very well done.

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