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Metallica - St. Anger
Label: Elektra
Release: 2003

St. Anger - Metallica
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After losing their bassist of over 10 years, going to rehabilitation for alcohol, and being innactive for almost a year, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and James Hetfield set out to make a new record for the first time in 4 years. With long time producer, Bob Rock on bass, Metallica's lineup was...semi-complete. After spending months in the studio, Metallica released "St. Anger," their 9th studio recording and 11th overall. "St. Anger" is different than all the others, but it reminds me, and so many others of the "...And Justice For All" days. Leading off with what I am guessing will be the second single from the album, "Frantic," you will be able to tell already how much they have changed from their last studio album, "ReLoad." "St. Anger" is heavier, faster, and way more emotional than just about anything they have done in all of the 20+ years they've existed. It's not only worth buying, but it's a neccesity! If you decide not to get it, you are really missing out on an extraordinary piece of music.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

After a few years of relative quiet from Metallica, the giants of heavy metal, they are back! After a couple of really awful albums, and gimmicky collaborations with symphony orchestras, they promised to strip their sound down, get back to basics, and release one hell of a good heavy metal album.

A good idea, but it went horribly awry in practice. Rather than being a return to Metallica's glory days, it sounds like a bunch of old men trying to imitate the Metallica of the 80s. Senile, arthritic old men. While the Metallica of old broke new barriers with their landmark albums, on "St. Anger" they are content to offer a second-grade rehash of their earlier works. To be honest, the first time I played this, I thought I was listening to a recording of some comedians on a sketch show doing an imitation of Metallica.

To say this record is cliché would be an understatement. The lyrics on St Anger (the song) are the very model of heavy metal inanity. "I am madly in anger with you!". Is that supposed to be profound or something? "Frantic tick tick tick tick tick tick tock"? "Wash your back so you won't stab mine"? It sounds like the band just surfed random LiveJournals to look for goth poetry written by angsty 14 year olds, and then shoved it into the songs in any old order. It also doesn't help that the songs themselves are way too overblown, consisting of a few average riffs jammed together and repeated way too often. Some of these songs would make decent three minute tracks, but everything is just so long and drawn out that it loses any impact that it might once have had.

This album is another dissapointment from Metallica. I don't know about the rest of the band's fans, but I'm going to go on pretending that they broke up after the Black Album.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Well...sometimes in reviews, you need some assumption. You have to assume that a band wanted to create a certain mood with a certain song, when for all you know, they could have been going for something completely different. Anyway, there's no need for assumption here - with this album, their latest record, Metallica made an attempt to try and go back to their big'80s thrash metal roots. In doing so, Metallica created an album that sounds even more amateurish and cruddy than theirfirst record, "Kill 'Em All", released back in '83. Heck, i'd bet that the early songs they did with Dave Mustaine soundedmore professional than this garbage.

I'll openly admit that I haven't heard every song off of this album. In fact, i've only heard a couple. It doesn't reallymatter - this album is one of those cases where you only really need to hear a couple of songs to get the feel of the whole album. And in Lars Ulrich terms, that's "FUCK YEAH DUDE! THIS ALBUM IS THE SHIT! MUTHAFUCKIN' HEAVY ASS METALLICA!"...but no. This album is atrocious - it's not heavy at all.

I'll concentrate on the one song i've heard in full, which just happens to be the title track. A 7-minute nightmare - oneof the worst songs ever committed to tape. Where do you want to begin? The song is messy and unfocused, Lars's drumming isas bad as ever (he sounds like he's banging on tin-cans), and it would take a retarded 5-year old approximately 15 secondsto come up with a better melody line. And Hetfield comes up with some lyrical gems - great lines such as "fuck it all andno regrets"...thanks James. Dumb-ass hick retard. And don't get me started on the part that goes "YOU FLUSH IT OUT" - it'sjust utterly embarrassing. Sounds like some 15-year olds doing nu-metal.

This song, and album, sounds like a parody. A parody of the '80s Metallica. It's just...horrific. These songs make suchamateurish runarounds like "Hit the Lights" and "Metal Militia" on Kill 'Em All look utterly proffessional in comparison.Just...yuck. There's various other problems with the album too, so i've heard.

1: Lars is, as usual, higher than everyone else, and his drumming is worser than ever. He uses the same tin-can sound thathe uses on St. Anger throughout the entire record.

2: The bass is non-existent. What on earth does this band have against bassists? First Jason Newsted, now Mike Trujillo.Further proof that joining Metallica is, musically speaking, suicide for the bass player.

3: WHERE ON EARTH IS KIRK HAMMETT? No solos. Not one....the guitar solo, a part of rock music that has featured in pretty much every Metallica song since the early '80s, is non-existent. What on earth is Kirk Hammett, a pure metal leadplayer if there ever was one, doing here? He should jump ship, and fast, if this is what Metallica's going to be doing fromnow on.

And 4: The distinct loss of all motivation and progress. Sure, "Load" and "Reload" weren't any good, but at least there, Metallica were doing something different. At least they were making big efforts to change their sound...this album has pulled them right back into the ages of McGovney and Mustaine. 20 years of hard work down the drain.

This album has to be one of the worst albums ever made, and I have no choice but to give it a zero. A big, fat zero. There is nothing that can redeem this record - it's despicable. Right up there with "Calling All Stations" by Genesis, maybe even more so. Zero. Worst album ever.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Well, from reading initial reviews of St. Anger before the album was released I was expecting a raw album. Referred to by band members as "commercial suicide" and compared by critics to the "...And Justice" days, I was preparing myself for some serious thrash. Upon hearing St. Anger, I can say it's definitely raw, but the thrash element is significantly mute. St. Anger stands alone in the Metallica pantheon, although not especially high in the order. It's nowhere near as metal as "Justice" but does succeed in being simply a solid hard rock album. It's a better "rock" effort than either Load or ReLoad, although they didn't try nearly as hard here. While Load and ReLoad might not have been the best Metallica albums, there was a maturing process that occurred. The band explored new expressive modes, and the effort was admirable. With St. Anger, Metallica has nearly regressed to the Kill 'Em All level. I knew the band was targetting a more stripped-down sound, but this album is simply too raw. The attempt to simplify their sound became more important than making good music, and it resulted in songs that sound amateur.

And then there's the lyrics... good jesus. Did James' children write "Invisible Kid?" I can't believe some of the lyrics on this album... I'm truly astounded. "Not only do I not know the answer, I don't even know what the question is!!!" Oh my god, these are Fred Durst's pained 14 year-old diary entries! Aaargh! Break shit!! Aaaahh! I'm so tough and hard and completely uncompromising!!!!


But overall, St. Anger is a decent album. The arrangements are generally pretty solid, and for the most part it flat-out rocks. Skip "Invisible Kid" and "My World." Just pretend they're not on the album, and things will be fine.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

You want a general nutshell of a review? Here it is:

This album is one of the worst albums ever released in the history of music, if not THE worst album. I think Yoko Ono may have released something better!

Reviewer Rating of CD :

I wholehearted agree with Smashing Bootlist. This has got to be the worst piece of unlistenable commercial garbage released thus far in the history of music. Metallica, now slaves to MTV (have you seen the ridiculously stupid videos for the horrific new singles?) make Christina Aguilera seem like Aretha Franklin if you get my drift.

But seriously, any one who has decent taste in music wouldn't commit the crime of buying this cd. I first heard it at HMV and my jaw dropped in astonishment. It's so bad I couldn't get past half the album. I didn't need to because from what I've heard, it's the same song and riff played to different feels and beats. Gone are the soaring solos of true blue metal lead guitar player Kirk Hammett. What we get in plentitude is dickhead James Hetfield's unbearable growls and groans about his fucking pain...and banks full of money and limos full of whores. and let's not get started on Lars Ulrich's crimes in rock drumming. Former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Robert Trujillo seems to have made a bad career choice. He would have done better sticking with Jerry Cantrell or the dark lord himself.

Already the worst album of the century...not only because the music is bland and generic, but also what Metallica stand for nowadays. Metallica fans, wake up to reality!

Reviewer Rating of CD :

I wouldn't say this is a kick a** album but i would't say its their worst album. Its true it lacked their orginality but I would still prefer to listen cause I'm a person who listen to all kinds of rock music and the only thing I would say is lacking in this album is =( Is Kirk sleeping or what????? )


Reviewer Rating of CD :

St. Anger is quite possible the worst recording that have in several thousand CDs...The first time I tried to listen to it I honestly thought that the record co. had mistakenly put a teenage garage puke metal band in the package..The quality of all the songs on this disc would not get any other band in the world recorded by a hobby label...I have been a die hard Metallica fan for many years and St. Annger is by far their worst..It seems to be an attempt to gain the masses of pissed off, slack jawed, grade school, PS2 zombies that have no musical quality standards as long as the CD jacket looks cool.. Unfortunatley my wife bought this for Christmas..The worst part is that I opened it... Until now I considered myself a diehard Metallica fan...Lars if you read this Please Retire....The time has come.....

Reviewer Rating of CD :

First off this cd is definatly not the worst cd ever. It still kicks the crap out of anything by good charlotte simple plan and many other bands. I liked it. except for
1. no guitar solos kirk waht happened?
2.The drums- the beats are good bu they sound like lars is beating the crap out of a tin can
3.The ass holes who think this album is the worst.
I think metallica must improve their soung and go back to the master of puppets days their all time best album. Despite the slite lacking of this cd metallica are still the best band on earth.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

ST anger, is just another level of selling out. The album really doesn't sound that nu, it just sounds bad. What Metallica did here was try and release an album that would appeal to a younger, newer generation by "TRYING" to sound nu, as the did when they "TRIED" to sound grunge during the load and reload days in order to appeal to the grunge audience.

James has lost his voice and the lyrics are almost as comical as Lars' snare drum. I was almost waiting for some kind of punch-line. Lead solos - NONE! even the black album, load and reload had solos.
To wrap things up, we metal fans of the 80's aren't surprised that ST Anger was horrible, we already experienced this during the "Black Album" days. Black Album fans are now experiencing what we expererienced in 1990, Metallica has sold out again, this time, it's not going as well as it did in 1990.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

To be honest..Metallica has gone down hill since the day that Bob Rock took over as their producer/manager..w/e When Metallica produced their own albums they were the heaviest greatest albums we have known at the time..the main four..Kill em All, Ride the Lighting, Master of Puppets...And justice for All...after that Bob Rock steps in..and goodbye Metallica..If they want to return to their roots..then they need to get rid of the dead weight thats holding them down.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

I think St.Anger is one of metallicas most raw and powerfull albums to date. The emotion shown but lead singer james hetfield is outstanding. The garage band sound they were aming to capture was nailed. This cd get me going and really pisses people off when you blast it through your stereo. Good job metallica

Reviewer Rating of CD :

St Anger is more of a band statement than any other of metallica's albums its a way they express themselves. and the songs were excellent each song seemed meticulously worked on and the result an album which is again and always will be a metallica best in my opinion. ROCK ON METALLICA!

Reviewer Rating of CD :

firsts thing first....if ur a true metallica fan buy this cd!!

yes yes this album isnt like the others with awsome solo's and such.....but remember...metallica always trys different ways in making their never kno what they could do this album shows what they could do without solo's but with just fast effin metal!!(and awsome lyrics to go with it!)


Reviewer Rating of CD :

This is the worst metal album ever. Metallica should go back to thrash and record something like MASTER OF PUPPETS again. This is supposed to be f****** METALlica, but SOME KIND OF MONSTER is f****** RAP!!! Metallica just wants money, as is proven by their release of an 'edit' version of the album. Only one good thing: THANK GOD BOB ROCK WON'T BE WITH THEM ON THEIR NEXT ALBUM! Not worthy of the Metallica name, one of the greatest names in metal history. Not even a half star for this pure s*** from me. And for all you bastards who say that a true Metallica fan would get this album, a true Metallica fan would hate this album as the one that finally killed the band (as if the Black Album, Load, and ReLoad didn't already). If this is metal, f****** RAP is heavy metal!

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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