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Cream - Disraeli Gears
Label: Polygram Records
Release: 1967

Strange Brew
Sunshine Of Your Love
World Of Pain
Dance The Night Away
Blud Condition
Tale Of Brave Ulysses
We're Going Wrong
Outside Woman Blues
Take It Back
Mother's Lament
Disraeli Gears - Cream
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Cream! the only worthy thing eric clapton ever did (thanks to jack bruce, bass player for cream who wrote most of the songs by cream thank you very much!) a very good psychadelic group. some (george starostin) say that this album is the best psychadelic album ever$!!DSF i don't know about that, but it's certainly five star worthy!!!!

starting with a song about boozing it up (strange brew, inspiration for that movie with rick moron) and continuing on to the song "sunshien of your love" featuring the bestest "and most copiediest" riff ever and good singing and stuff!"!#@$? i'm not sure why jack bruce gave up writing riffs cuz he's so good at it!!!! now he plays weird wanna be jazz shnooze alarm stuff. but back then! boy oh! he's a great bass player too. also a great keyboardist, and harmonica player. sometimes his singing's dorknoyying but less so then drummer ginger baker who plays with a lot of swing and is a great drummer and his songs are usually neat but not the best.

world of pain is a song written by two people who aren't in the band mr. bungle (or in cream either) and it's a nice song featuring tons of wah wah which is a cream trademark. next is "dance the night away" perhaps the best song with tons of dynamics, good riffs, singing, lyrics, wah wah, drumming, piano etc.

blue condition is sung by mr. ginger baker and is alright but his singing is dorky.

tale of brave ulysesses truly is psychadeli with amazing guitar work, a weird tone i can't even describe and stupid lyrics. SD:LFISDFU :WEILFJD:SLF

SWLABR (she walks like a bearded rainbow) is a great hard rock song by the band that invented hard rock, huey lewis and the news!@#$? ilt's not TOO psychadelic cept fo rthe lyrics which are sensical non.

some great blues things are next, and then a silly acapella song or som4thing.

buy it!

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