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Enon - In This City
Label: Touch & Go Records
Release: 2003

In This City(Soap mix)
Murder Sounds(Instr Mix)
In This City(remix by Deadverse)

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Hmm a single without the actual single on it. Just two remixes of it. So here I am shit out of luck due to not owning the actual album that has "In This City" on it. Oh well. It's my fault for buying this, maybe if I had 14 dollars as opposed to 6 I would've picked up Enon's release High Society. As far as I know, "In This City" is one of the most solid tracks off of that album and features Toko Yasuda formally of Blonde Redhead on the vocals. Her vocals are your cute asian girl vocals. However she has lungs and not just some sort of novelty, she holds the tune well and it sounds sophisticated and nice. "In This City" is a synth pop sort of song. Very dancable, overall a good song, although I'm just judging by the Soap Mix version of the song which is apparently a minute longer than the album cut. Which would explain a lot, this mix does get a tad repetitive at some point, but is still nice enough. The next track is "Murder Sounds", which is an instrumental. Kind of throwaway but good enough for what it is. Basically this is what you'd expect from a dancey indie band, actually sounds similar to the Faint(whom Enon toured with), although less interesting/intense and without vocals. Track 3 is "In This City" again, the remix version. The opening in this version version makes it seem like a piano ballad, with heavy echo on the vocals. Very spacey and pretty, Toko's vocals work very well in this version. An ambient feel to the song, some mechanical sounding drums come into the mix not that long into the song to make it more interesting and grab you a little more. I'm not that educated in this genre, but I'm assuming this is kind of trip-hoppish. The overdubbed vocals that come in about 4 minutes into this song make it all that much better and it kind of goes on like that for a while then trails off to just some spacey keyboard and drums until the ending. It slowly progresses and is overall the better version of "In This City" on the album. Now here comes song 4 titled "Inches" which sounds comparitively lo-fi to the other two(3?) songs on here. It's very stop and start, ubt not in a bad way, some occasionally mumbled vocals with effects on them similar to what you may have heard on "Flash Ram" by Brainiac(no coincidence that Enon was formed out of the ashes of Brainiac). The song is also kind of disposable and not the most interesting thing.

the two songs not "In This City" on here aren't that great, but the remix version of it makes it almost worth it alone.

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