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Pink Floyd - Meddle
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1971

One of These Days I'm Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces
A Pillow of Winds
San Tropez
Meddle - Pink Floyd
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With 1971's Meddle, Pink Floyd put the final touches to their classic sound. The band had been developing it for a coupleof years, with the amateur-like "Saucerful of Secrets" and the poor "Atom Heart Mother", but this was the record where itreally came together for the first time. A couple of real ring-dingers are on this album, with only a little bit of fillerinvolved.

The album also has one of the best introductions to any PF album in the storming instrumental, "One of These DaysI'm Going to Cut You into Little Pieces)", beginning with those echoey, ringing bass riffs, and featuring some fantastic,fantastic work by Richard Wright and David Gilmour, along with the thundering drums of Nick Mason. A classic, for sure.Not really followed that well, unfortunately, by "A Pillow of Winds" - it's not a poor track, but it's not really great either. Quite dreamy though, and it does have a charm.

"Fearless" is next, and is probably the most standard number on here - perhaps a little overlong for what it is, but it's got a marvellous hook, and overall, it's very good. Both this and "A Pillow of Winds" are often ignored, perhaps a littletoo much - they are both decent. And the next track does not even slightly deserve the bags of criticism it often gets - "San Tropez" is a lovely little ditty, and is normally criticised because it just doesn't fit in with all the general seriousness that goes with the Floyd sound. But it's great! Nice slide guitar, and a great little charm - the band did have a sense of humour after all!

Following a little bit of throwaway in "Seamus" - decent throwaway mind you, and it is interesting (Canine blues, after all!)although normally disregarded, seeing as it only really serves as a small interlude between "San Tropez" and the big, gigantic multi-part suite, "Echoes".

"Echoes" is a much, much better effort than the previous suite - this time, it's filled with interesting melodies, moods,parts, generally all really comes off here. And when they do go for a big atmospheric section here, they pullit off - rather than have more messy noodling (Mind Your Throats Please, which was probably the inspiration behind Yes's "TheAncient"), it's pretty sparse - but that Gilmour certainly knows when to stick in his soaring notes. And it also makes surethat when they return back to the basic song, they return very well - the "DINGs" come back, Waters plays his echoey bass,before Gilmour launches into a searing guitar melody. Overall, it's a great example of how to make a solid 20-minute suite,even without a huge amount of musical ideas. PF done a heck of a lot here, using very little. Very well done.

This album gets a very high 8 from me - it's very, very solid overall, and it's a massive improvement on Atom Heart Mother.Really, really good, this one. Great job, guys.

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