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Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1970

Atom Heart Mother
---i. Father's Shout
---ii. Breast Milky
---iii. Mother Fore
---iv. Funky Dung
---v. Mind Your Throats Please
---vi. Remergence
Summer '68
Fat Old Sun
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast
---i. Rise and Shine
---ii. Sunny Side Up
---iii. Morning Glory
Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd
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Pink Floyd go further and further into their sound here, and the end result is this album from 1970. Little in terms of fun here - after all, this is basically a prog-rock album, and probably the proggiest album in the whole of the PF canon.It is basically average, and the band do still need to do some work. Although they are getting there - this effort is a lotless disjointed than "Saucerful" or "Ummagumma", although, unfortunately that doesn't mean it's better.

The main point of interest is the suite, of course. Made with the orchestral backing and arrangement of Ron Geesin, thissuite has it's good parts, and it's bad parts - the good parts are generally included in the opening sections, with the band going wild, and Gilmour's guitar soaring, and the bad parts are generally included in the middle, with some sectionsjust taking too long (Mind Your Throats Please, in particular, is terrible) ends well though, with a big, grand finalethat's basically a reprise of the opening parts. As it is, it's good overall, but too long - some sections just can't holdany interest whatsoever, and it could do with being abridged (The band did actually abridge it for some solid live performances from the era, so there ya go). Good, but not great.

Of course, that takes up half of the whole record - and unfortunately, the album's not saved by the second half. "If" is half-decent, but "Fat Old Sun" is not - it's dull and boring, and incredibly generic. Wright's overlooked "Summer '68" isthe real gem here, with it's decent verses, breakdowns, and that outstanding chorus - it's quite messy, but that works outhere, as everything battles with each other in the big loud sections. Best song on the album without a doubt.

After the final notes of "Fat Old Sun" fade, it's probably best to take the cd out. After all, "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast", is well...bad. In fact, it's utter crap - generic and unmemorable mood music, set to the sound of a man cookinghis breakfast. Original idea, I suppose...but it couldn't do anything but fail, especially when given a ridiculous runningtime (13 mins), and it's only ever going to be listened to once. Several points off for this nightmare.

Unfortunately, this, along with "Fat Old Sun" and parts of "Atom Heart Mother", account for well over half of this album.I'm only going to give it a 4. It does have one great song in "Summer '68", and parts of the title track are good, but you've got to wade through the whole thing to find them. And some of the songs are just completely poor. Overall, thisisn't that good - barely average, and deserving of the 4.

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